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In-Ground Pool Construction

We make the construction process easy. We sit down with you to layout your design wishes and desires. From start to finish, the entire process (from signature to swimming) takes about 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of your pool. We follow up with personal, hands-on training and a complete custom made guidebook to make ownership easy. Call us today to set up an appointment!

The Process:

  • We start by marking the build site. This helps us (and you) visualize the space to make sure that the design works well in practice, but is also used by local goverment when doing inspections.
  • We pull all necessary permits from your county/city
  • Inspections are done. In the county, this is an environmental health insepction to make sure that the pool complies with regulations keeping it far enough away from well and sewage lines. This varies from county to county. In the city, there will be a site inspection to make sue that you are setback apprpriately from other boundaries. This varies from city to city.
  • Now we are finally ready to dig! We build two major pool types, polymer wall and fiberglass. Our design team will help you deside which is best for you. The digging process is a little different for each:
Fort Wayne Elite (polymer)
lifetime transferable warranty
Viking (fiberglass)
lifetime warranty
  • We dig out the pool and shape the bottom. The space will be dug 3 feet larger than the final pool to allow for on-site plumbing.
  • We dig out the pool and shape the bottom. The space will be dug 1 foot larger than the final pool to allow for plumbing.
  • We erect the polymer walls.
  • Sand is placed in the bottom and hand-troweled to level.
  • A concrete foundation is poured around the walls 8 inches deep. We also fill the Reliance braces with concrete, which will form stable pylons for the concrete decking.
  • The pool is lowered into the hole by crane. A team will continue to level the sand and the bottom during this process.
  • Our team of craftsmen hand-trowels a vermiculite and concrete pool bottom 4 inches thick. This is a porous and semi-flexible mixture that allows water to drain from under your liner so that it always lays flat. The flexibility of the material means more dive safety!
  • Your chosen vinyl liner is installed.
  • The pool is filled with water and all of the plumbing is connected. The time between the breaking of ground to water going into the pool is 1 week for polymer walled pools and 3 days for fiberglass pools.
  • Using a backhoe, we backfill around the pool and do general grading according to the terms of your contract.
  • Decking will be installed around your pool (concrete, pavers, etc.).
  • All accessories are installed; ladders, railings; diving board; slides; fountains, etc.
  • You will receive individual, personal instruction son how to operate and maintain your pool from our most experienced staff. You will also receive a binder with full instructions on operating and maintaining your pool as well as your warranty cards, official owners manuals, etc. to make the ownership experience as simple as possible.



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