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We proudly carry Twilight Series Spas, Down East Spas, Master Spas and Legacy Whirlpools. If you're still in the process of planning your in-ground pool, talk to us about a standalone or spillover spa to coordinate with your inground pool and provide you with the best combination of both fun and relaxation! With all our choices, there is the perfect spa for every family and every budget! Check out our Spa Gallery!

Already have a spa? We carry a full line of chemicals and lots of great accessories from cover lifts, aromatherapy, steps, replacement covers, umbrellas, railings, and muchmore! And don't forget, we do FREE water testing to keep your spa looking its best all the time!

MASTER SPAS: Master Spas has been working for 25 years to perfect your spa experience. With innovative therapeutic designs and high-tech advancements in insulation, filtration and heating systems. All to give you the full benefit of that magic combination of heat, buoyancy and massage. So, whether you want to improve circulation, relieve pressure on your joints or simply massage away tension, keep reading. Because no matter how hard you work out, or how long you sit in traffic, The Ultimate Relaxation Machine is waiting for you.
DOWN EAST SPAS: At Down East™ Spas, We have spent 25 years creating the perfect spa experience. Using the best designs and technologies in the industry, we offer the most relaxing and therapeutic spas you will find anywhere. And thanks to our innovative filtration and heating systems your Down East™ Spa is among the easiest to care for and most economical to operate.


LEGACY WHIRLPOOLS: With Legacy you not only get quality and reliability but also features you wouldn’t expect like the maintenance free Dura Master Polymer skirt, Stainless Steel Jets, a quality, marine grade stereo system, LED waterline lighting and even a backlit waterfall. Legacy Whirlpool is the perfect spa for your budget.
TWILIGHT SERIES SPAS: A Twilight Series Spa is a full sensory experience that combines world-class hyrdotherapy with a calming cascade of gently glowing lights and your choice of the perfect music. And most importantly, the Twilight Series offers the peace of mind of Master Spas' legendary quality and industry-leading design. Come home each day to therapeutic relief and mind-easing relaxation.


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