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Relax in your new spa from PDC Spas, where comfort starts at home.

So much of our time is taken up these days with other responsibilities that it is necessary to carve out time for self-care and relaxation. Many people cannot help but relax in the warm and bubbling water of a personal spa. However, spa ownership means different things to different people. Whether you want to improve your outdoor living space, escape from daily routines, rejuvenate your mind and body, improve your health and wellness, enjoy quality time with friends and family, or treasure much-needed time alone, we here at Dixon Pool & Spa, Inc. have a hot tub model from PDC Spas that is ideal for you and your family.

Spas in Burlington, North Carolina

If you have been looking at spas in the Burlington, North Carolina area, then we encourage you to come and check out our wide selection of spas from PDC Spas here at Dixon Pool & Spa, Inc. Products from PDC Spas are optimized for superior performance and well-being. In addition to traditional spas, they also offer swim spas, which give you the ability not only to swim against an adjustable, powerful current, but also to strengthen, train, heal and relax with hydrotherapy massage. Whether you are looking for a great workout or a great way to relax, PDC Spas can deliver.

In addition to our wide selection of spas, we also have a wonderful selection of accessories that will make your spa safe and usable. We have spa steps, handrails, chemicals, accessories, and crucial safety features like hot tub covers and cover lifters. We are a knowledgeable one-stop shop for everything you need concerning spas, so please come see us today for information or answers to your questions.

We all need a place to safely relax these days. Having a spa right on your property is the perfect escape from the stresses of your life without having to leave home! Check out some of the options for spas we offer for customers in the Burlington, NC area!


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