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With a variety of inground pools for your choosing, you can build your summer oasis.

Here in the area of Burlington, North Carolina, we are lucky enough to have plenty of warm and enjoyable days of summer that stretch into fall. This enables us to enjoy a more indoor/outdoor living type of lifestyle during those long summer days, and a pool is often the ultimate in outdoor living! Here at Dixon Pool & Spa, Inc., we want to help you find your ideal pool from our wide variety of inground pools. Inground pools have a sense of permanence and design that makes them a welcome addition for almost any space. We offer different options for inground pools, such as:

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  • Fiberglass Pools- Fiberglass pools are built to last! An exceptionally durable and strong material, fiberglass pools are great for those who are looking for the strength of a concrete pool with easy maintenance. Our fiberglass inground pools come in a many different shapes, lengths and depths, making it easy to plan your pool around your yard space.
  • Vinyl Liner Pools- Faster to build, vinyl liner pools are a wonderfully affordable and durable option for those who are itching to swim in their new pool! We believe in offering you quality options, so when you look for vinyl liner inground pools at Dixon Pool & Spa, Inc., you will find great brands like Latham and Merlin.

If you are interested in adding an inground pool to your yard space, whether now or in the near future, we here at Dixon Pool & Spa, Inc. would love to talk more with you. Please give us a call today or come see us for more information.