Egg-cessories, Burlington, NC

Grill, smoke and even bake with the right egg-cessories!

There is something special about the smell of a grill! That BBQ scent is something that can make even the pickiest of eaters get a bit hungry. There are many grilling, smoking and BBQing aficionados who are very loyal to their methods. Here at Dixon Pool & Spa, Inc., we want to make sure you have all the right egg-cessories when it comes to cooking, and we recommend that you check out our variety of BBQ cookers.

Egg-cessories in Burlington, North Carolina

One of our most popular BBQ cookers is the Big Green Egg. It has a loyal following for all different types of pit masters and, once you get to know your own egg-cessories, you will see why! The unique look of the Egg is something that is designed to help make this BBQ cooker multi-purpose. You can cook all kinds of things in this delightful cooker– everything from searing meats at high temperatures to smoking things at low temperatures over time. The egg shape allows you to use charcoal at low settings for long periods of time, giving you the low and slow method and tender results that you crave. Furthermore, the shape keeps the charcoal together, so you don’t have to keep adding more to have consistent temperatures. You can even bake things like pizzas or cookies, making it versatile and fun!

If you are looking for BBQ cookers and accessories in the Burlington, North Carolina area, we suggest that you check out our egg-cessories here. For more information, come see us or give us a call today!