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Fiberglass pools give you options and flexibility!

Are you thinking of putting in a pool? In the Burlington, North Carolina area, our team here at Dixon Pool & Spa, Inc. is ready to help you transform your dream pool into a reality right before your very eyes! Since 1978, our experts have been working with pool owners of all sorts, and we would love to help you find the right pool for your needs.

Fiberglass Pools in Burlington, North Carolina

Fiberglass pools are a great option for many homeowners, because they offer a variety of options along with flexibility. When you choose fiberglass pools, one of the things that many people enjoy is that the installation time is much faster. Some fiberglass pools can be installed within a week or two rather than months, it is no wonder that people who are anxious to get swimming are interested in choosing fiberglass pools. Because the fiberglass “shell” is already pre-formed and ready for installation, you also can install in weather that would not allow for other pool installation types.

In addition to having a quick installation time, many people choose fiberglass pools because they are very strong. Pool liners can sometimes tear or puncture whereas fiberglass pools will not have this issue. Fiberglass pools are able to withstand all sorts of pool play, including things like rough play with pool toys, dogs that like to swim in the pool, and even aggressive cleaning with the pool skimmer.

If you have been considering a pool for your property in the area, we urge you to consider fiberglass pools for a durable, long-lasting pool that you will enjoy for many swimming seasons to come. For more information about our pools or other pool products, please give us a call today!


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