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We provide helpful pool maintenance for your backyard swimming pool.

There is nothing better than having your own backyard swimming pool. It is private and you are not fighting crowds for the best spot to swim and soak up some sunshine. You have an area you feel comfortable in and a place to entertain friends and family. The only downside to owning your own swimming pool is that the swimming pool will need a little maintenance from time to time. It can be difficult to know what maintenance needs done on your swimming pool and even how to do the pool maintenance yourself. That is why you need to find someone to help you who knows all about maintaining swimming pools and has all the experience to do the maintenance.

Pool Maintenance in Burlington, North Carolina

At Dixon Pool & Spa, Inc. we offer quality and experienced swimming pool maintenance in Burlington, North Carolina and surrounding areas. Our qualified swimming pool professionals can set up a maintenance plan for your pool that is convenient for you. We offer year-round swimming pool services so you can even have some maintenance done in the off season if you wish. We provide all the necessary maintenance to keep your pool running efficiently. We will check the pumps, motors, filters, and everything that needs to be checked to make sure everything is working correctly and is not damaged. We also offer maintenance contracts for your convenience, which means we have a scheduled time to come and maintain your pool, so you do not need to remember to call for a maintenance appointment.

If you are looking for experienced pool maintenance professionals to keep your pool in good working condition, call us today. We have an excellent team of swimming pool professionals who can help you out with all of your swimming pool maintenance needs.