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We can turn your swimming pool into something special with pool remodeling.

Have you been thinking about doing a little remodeling project for the swimming pool at your Burlington, North Carolina home? Maybe your pool is not exactly what you want it to be, or maybe it is old and needs some repairs, so why not change it up a little? No matter what your reasons are, pool remodeling is not as difficult as you think it would be. All you need to do is decide exactly what you want and let our team at Dixon Pool & Spa, Inc. take care of everything for you. We can transform your old, boring swimming pool into something truly special for you. We can help you create a spectacular backyard oasis that you will love spending time in.

Pool Remodeling in Burlington, North Carolina

When we help you with pool remodeling, the first thing we do is meet with you to get a feel for exactly what kind of design you want to help transform your swimming pool. We can then come up with a few design ideas to help your vision come to life. We will go over the remodeling process and let you know exactly what you can expect. We will go over cost and a timeframe, so you know exactly what will go into the project and how long you can expect it to take. We will keep you informed of every step of the remodeling process so you can know what is going on, which will help you be excited about your project, not cause you unnecessary stress because you are not kept in the loop.

If you are interested in starting a pool remodeling project, give us a call today. We will come to your property and give you a free estimate. We will gladly answer any of the questions you might have. We can even make suggestions if you want a change, but don’t exactly know what to do. We can turn your swimming pool into something special with a nice remodeling project.