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We are here for you if you need advice about the Poolife pool care collection.

It is a wonderful experience to be the proud new owner of an inground or above-ground swimming pool at your Burlington, North Carolina home. The next step is having a trusted source for pool services and for the products you need to take good care of your investment. At Dixon Pool & Spa, Inc., we are your one-stop swimming pool shop with over 40 years of experience serving our customers. It stands to reason that when we recommend pool care products, we have vetted the options carefully. Among our recommendations is the Poolife pool care collection.

Poolife Pool Care Collection in Burlington, North Carolina

Our retail store and service department are open year-round for your support and convenience. We are here for you if you need advice about the Poolife pool care collection or any of the swimming pool accessories we have to offer. We want you to get the most out of your swimming pool, and that means being able to spend as little time on pool maintenance as possible without sacrificing the performance of your pool equipment or the quality of the water.

We are happy to advise you on the many products in the Poolife pool care collection, including Stain Lift, Stain Stop, Opening Kit / Closing Kit, Backwash Filter Cleaner, Flocculant, Phosphate Remover, Tile Cleaner Rx, Intensive Stain Prevention, and more. As is the case with our complete line of chemicals, we can give you a crash course in what you need and how to use these products to keep your pool’s water perfectly balanced and safe for swimming. Reach out today to learn more.