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Above Ground Pools

The world's most versatile Pool. This eye-catching design looks great as a 52" above-ground pool, yet is strong enough to be buried. The Doughboy Pools will fit any terrain.


Available sizes:


  Round   12', 16', 18', 21', 24', 28', 32'

  Oval     24'X12', 24'X16', 32'X16', 34'X18', 38'X18  and 41'X21"

  By Special Order    40'X16' and 44'X12



Contemporary-Styled Verticals

These 7" verticals with designer fashion stripe, compliment the powerufl beauty of this pool.

 Super Wide 8½" Top Rail System

Classic 8½" top rails provide rock-solid stability and durability

 Com-Pac™ II Oval Support System

Superior engineering to maximize your pool. No other manufacturer can provide you with the space-saving features of the Com-Pac™ II

 Zinc Clad™ 11000

With Hot Dipped Galvanizing and numerous protective coatings for protection and corrosion resistance.

Quality Resin & Steel Pool Frames


Doughboy Builds the Highest Quality Pools on the Market. View Our Pool Line Below to Find the Perfect One for Your Backyard

Above Ground Pool Shapes & Sizes

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Doughboy Liners

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Above Ground Pool Steps & Accessories

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